04 Dialogue Series

New York based artist Hodaya Louis uses painting and illustration to celebrate real representations of women, beauty and body type.

“Named ‘Dialogue’ for their sense of conversation, question and answer, to and fro, agreement and conflict between sound and the visual, and within the visual itself. I’m looking to highlight the flow of movement – the organic, life-like quality of liquid. The speed with which the colour moves, direction, how the colour communicates with its surrounding, elements bringing soul to a heightened sensory dimension between vision and sound, both equally demanding attention. 

Music and movement, a visually poetic quality, non-linear narrative with a heartbeat, only partially fulfilling, leaving a sense of mystery. Order or disorder, man-made or an uninterrupted turbulent landscape, otherworldly creatures, communicating directly with your spirit.”

Hodaya Louis is a third-generation artist whose paintings and drawings manifest her personal landscape, and often include moments in the lives of women. She is strongly influenced by her Orthodox upbringing, multi-cultural background, and training in fashion design. 

04 Dialogue series, 2020duration: 2mins.Visuals by Hodaya LewisMusic by David Lewis




London based artist explores the conceptual space between still and moving image through a series of abstract videos inspired by 64 Taoist hexagrams.

The Maze

A triangular art installation by Bottega Veneta has popped up at a car park in Seoul, South Korea. The Maze, as it is called, has Bottega’s signature green-tone and although it displays no products inside it is flooded with the label’s visual codes.