Contemporary Madonna

A journey into the feminine, through the use of the veil.

Avoiding any connotation of sacredness or cultural and religious significance, I asked several women if I could photograph them wearing a veil during the portrait session.Each woman chose her own veil and wore it according to her own personality. A way to explore the Identity, the Beauty and the Power of the Feminine.

Bruna Rotunno is an Italian artist based between Milan and Paris working with photography and video. Strongly interested in human nature, Bruna graduated in psychology and dedicated herself to photography, with special attention to reportage and video art. Her personal work has always been focused on exploring, cultures and social themes. Her long travel experiences have allowed her to create her own vision of portrait and story telling where visionary sensitivity alternates with the immediacy of social reportage. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries in Europe and Asia. Bruna is represented in Paris by Molin Corvo Gallery.

Bruna will be part of a collective as the first artists to have their work displayed in Space with #PortraitOfHumanity check the project out here

Contemporary Madonna (2018)photographic series © bruna rotunno


Brooklyn Days

Fluidity through movement and make-up, inspired by two young dancers who met on social media.


London based artist explores the conceptual space between still and moving image through a series of abstract videos inspired by 64 Taoist hexagrams.