Elena Adamou

Visual artist uses needle and thread like pen and paper to trace the passing of time, which she renders into exquisite embroidered artworks.

Elena Adamou is a visual artist based in Milan. Her work ‘revolves around the intimate dimension of passing of time and the process of familiarisation with finding a corresponding physical space. It focuses on a personal suspension of time, which lies beyond the space limits of a universal perception of time’.

‘Elena measures time modifications of a cycle. Every art piece that includes videos, photographs, performances, installations, voice recordings, writings, embroideries, follows the traces of the origin. She sees the origin not only as a native stigma of birthplace but also as a pretext to introduce a social and anthropological analysis of the human being. I measure the body free of obligations, beyond impositions and formal titles, to identify Cell-ular beings’.

“Every minute spent in the process corresponds to an inner impulse, a personal and intimate dimension of time-passing….our most valuable possession.”

Her work “You can borrow the moon for six thousand four hundred and seventy seven minutes” is a stunning silk, cotton and nylon embroidery on silk organza, and metal wire piece. You can see it here on Cellotape along with a spoiler video Elena created for us, which gives us a glance about her practise.

20 x 20 x 12cm, ricamo di seta, cotone e nylon su organza di seta, filo di ferro

Visit Elena’s website for more.




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