Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

World-renowned British Artist, Philip Colbert unveils his latest series - a celebration of the universal and profound symbol of the flower.

By Joanne Higgins

The flower paintings have been a strand of Colbert’s practice in recent years, initially
inspired by Warhol’s 1960s silkscreen prints. Reinvented within Colbert’s unique digital
world, the juxtaposition of the shiny, toy-like, Warhol flowers against the prickly cactus
thorns of Lobster Land, offer a contemporary perspective on the fragility and beauty of the
flower. His appropriation of Warhol’s flowers speaks to his larger interest in cohering
canonical art and digital spheres – a fascination that persists throughout his practice.

“For me flowers are the ultimate symbols of mortal beauty, I love how universally poetic they
are. The sculptural essence of transient life, how a moment of beauty defies everything
forever in the moment.”

Philip Colbert

“Flower paintings are one of the great themes of art history, and I felt they make the perfect subject for an infinite supply generative edition. I very much believe in an art for all philosophy, and love the democratic reach digital collections have, and how they make unique artworks more accessible for all.”

Philip Colbert

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers is the 13th Artist Edition and 1st Generative Collection in partnership with Audio Galleries. Check it out now


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Philip Colbert @philipcolbert

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