Non-human intelligence

Bheard, bseen, blove. Be who you want to be and more!

Mila Scainetti

Non-human intelligence turns the idea of being ‘Alien’ on its head!  It doesn’t matter if your black, white, brown, green or blue. At Cellotape magazine we celebrate the beautiful spectrum of human diversity across all ages, genders, races and beyond. Integrated friendship at an international and intergalactic level.

We had the pleasure of creating this story with Nuala Goodman who is a teacher at the NABA Academy of Art in collaboration with her students.

Ester Ludovisi

“In a very real sense, we are all aliens on a strange planet. We spend most of our lives reaching out and trying to communicate. If during our whole lifetime, we could reach out and really communicate with just two people, we are indeed very fortunate” – Gene Roddenberry

Lucilla di Muzio


Nuala Goodman

NABA Milano

All students who contributed: Sara Aglocchi @saraagliocchiRoberto Giojelli @otreborgjeLuca Colarossi @lcolarossiIndia Franchellucci @indi4xEster Ludovisi, Coll Molly Goddard @esterludovisiCaterina Pelliccia @cromorphiaMariachiara Civitella @mariachiara_civitella Chiara d’Arrigo Carolina Popa @carolina.apop Alessandro Meli @_meli.alessandro Mila Scainetti @m.scainettiLucilla di Muzio @lucilla.dimuzio


‘Guiding Light’ by GARY JAMES MCQUEEN

Gary James McQueen collaborates with Graysey on his 1st digital fashion show.

Jessica Kahawaty at Sergio Rossi

Model and Humanitarian Jessica Kahawaty at Sergio Rossi Fashion Presentation.