The Maze

A triangular art installation by Bottega Veneta has popped up at a car park in Seoul, South Korea. The Maze, as it is called, has Bottega’s signature green-tone and although it displays no products inside it is flooded with the label’s visual codes.

All images courtesy of Bottega Veneta.

Made with the combination of metal and the same soft materials that appears in some of Bottega Veneta’s latest A/W collection, The Maze is playful and bold, a super coloured triangular installation in vibrant saturated green-tone. 

The installation, which is one of the several interventions that the brand has been making across the globe, brings to life some sort of child’s game for adults, with a space that is both minimal, disorienting, and perhaps uncomfortable for some. 

The labyrinth take the shape of a triangle, in its middle part the walls are clothed in many soft tail shaped forms bringing the sensation of comfort, privacy and warmth juxtaposing the rawness and transparency of the outer space which is made up with tangled metal frames.

Some suggestions have been made that Daniel Lee, the brand’s designer, has taken its references from Squid Game, the series from South Korean director Hwang Dong-hyuk and some others would say that it comes from the world of video games. Either way, it feels like a labyrinth of which we wouldn’t mind getting lost or absorbed in. 


words by Flora Guerra @flora___guerra



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