Brooklyn Days

Fluidity through movement and make-up, inspired by two young dancers who met on social media.

Created by Rozelle Parry, this beauty story was inspired by two young dancers who met on social media. Her intention was for these images to be about youth, playfulness, hidden, seen, opposites, ying and yang, black and white, merging, entanglement, fight and above all LOVE. Rozelle wanted to combine movement and unusual poses with graphic shape and body paint, she found the extreme positions that the two of them were able to create inspiring and very beautiful.

Emilie Brooklyn (24) from Copenhagen, Denmark, and Xavier Days (26) from Brooklyn, New York, met through social media and their shared passion for dance. Emilie from a young age absorbed herself  in the New York dance culture starting at 4 years old with breakdance which slowly developed into multiple styles ranging from Whaacking to Voguing before falling in love with Lite Feet and finally New School Hiphop. After dancing for 20 years in Denmark in many theatre productions including the Hiphop version of the Nutcracker, Hair (in Sweden) and as a background dancer for various artists and music videos, Emilie finally got her artist visa and moved to N.Y. where one of her small dance videos went viral and made her an instagram sensation.

Xavier or “X” as he is known is currently the best bone breaker in the world. He has just featured in the newly released Netflix film Project Power starring Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon Levitt. It recently became No 1 in the world for 13 days and is only the 2nd movie ever to reach this milestone on Netflix. X has also appeared in the Alicia Keys video ‘In Common’ and at the EMA’s with Missey Elliot. He opened up the U.S. open and appeared in the New Yorker show casing the five best dance styles in New York. X has also appeared in dance battles on YouTube which are becoming increasingly popular with Battlefest Xtreme X . v Strobe being arguably the best battle of 2020.

In Rozelle’s execution of this, she decided on an urban, street approach incorporating a simple New York graffiti style body paint. She added to this a tribal element with a repetition of certain symbols including hands(warm, embrace), eyes (b seen), X (Xavier), hearts (b love) as well as the continuing theme of the contrasting black and white.


Beauty Editor Rozelle Parry @rozelleparrymakeup                                                              

Photographer: Peter Irgens @peterirgens                                                    

Artists: Xavier “X” Days @bonebreakin_x                                             

Emilie Brooklyn

Kryolan @kryolanofficial                                                                                            


Nars @narsissist                                                                                                                        

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