Rozelle Parry is a make-up artist with over 20 years’ experience creating and painting her make-up magic on some of the world’s most famous faces . She has had a career working on actors and actresses, models and music artists as well as an array of wonderful people from other professions. Some of the magazines that her work has graced the pages of include Vogue Italia, British Vogue, Vanity Fair and W magazine.

Glitterage is the first story Rozelle did for Cellotape to buck the trend for natural make-up. Let loose, she went extreme with her glitter face fantasy inspired by the Cellotape mantra of B HEARD B SEEN B LOVE.

In the words of Rozelle:

Glitter has such a magical quality: It makes me happy, watching it dance to the light, reflecting, taking on a kaleidoscope of new colours. It feels alive. It gives me positive thoughts of happy occasions and good times……New Years, parties, dance and Carnival.

‘Behind every shiny mask , there is often pain, show compassion.’

But there is often darkness behind light. I wanted to show that often a shiny mask is put on to conceal our dark side, our pain, our worries, our heartache. We must remember to show compassion to others as people are not always what they seem.

I thought it could be interesting to do a face not just covered in glitter but a whole glitter make-up complete with contouring, glitter light and shade , glitter blusher, eyeshadow and lips. I wanted this humonoid to feel sparkly but serious, for the viewer to engage and feel the emotion behind her eyes. It was not over thought. I did not want it to be perfect or over retouched so I kept some undone elements to it and the edges raw.

In these darker times I hope this story brings some escapism, a touch of sparkle, and a lot of light …

The work began with the face being painted using an antique gold body paint. Next the eyes were made up with many different layers of glitters in bronze tones, silver and gun metal grey. They were blended in a way to create a strong smoky eye. I used different textures and sizes of glitter from very fine reflex glitter and larger standard glitter,to straight hair like glitter for the brows and to reflect, colour hologram glitter on the outer corners of the eye. Black shadow and glitter were smudged under the lower lashes with plenty of black eyeliner and mascara added to frame the eyes and help to give that piercing stare.

The nose and cheeks were contoured using dark and light golds with a pale rose pink glitter worked into the cheeks.
For the lips I used a dark plum lipliner and lipstick fading out in the middle to a softer purple shade. Matching glitter was added with a silver glitter highlight on top of the cupids bow.

Beauty editor and Make-up artist: Rozelle Parry @rozelleparrymakeup                   Photography: Peter Irgens @peterirgens Model: Mathilde Ludvigsen @mathilde_ludvigsen @lemanagement


German Glitters at Fashion Week

Sharing fashion inspiration with Mandy Bork outside Fendi

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