Three seconds

Canadian filmmaker and photographer Dominique Van Olm pushes non-fiction into new directions.

Dominique Van Olm statement:
The film came about as a passion project between myself and a group of Toronto creatives, primarily working in advertising who wanted to do something more artful. Orginally, Natalie Mathers (thecreative director and illustrator) had approached me with the idea of making a film centred around lipstick, which intrigued me as someone who typically doesn’t wear any. I was interested in learning more about other people’s experiences with makeup – how publicly expressive, yet initmate and individualized it could be at the same time. Wanting to follow a stream of consciousness about the experience of makeup, we decided not to feature any phsycial products. Instead, the acrylic panels (created by Natalie) were used to represent makeup as a layer of identity, and paralled the physical notions of makeup as shield, mirror and mask. They were really great to shoot through, both in the photography and filming.

‘I was interested in learning more about other people’s experiences with makeup.’

Dominique Van Olm is a Canadian filmmaker and photographer. She strives to push non-fiction into new directions while maintaining a focus on character-driven portraits, exploring the human condition against the backdrop of the natural world. As an extention of her filmmaking Dominique likes to photograph people and their relationship to space, whether in presence or absence.


Sheldon McIntosh @tynomibanks
Mel Eshagbeigi @offbrand_but_stillcute
Madison van Rijn: @mvralldayeveryday
Lulu Wei: @llcoolwei
Viktor Peters: @victorpeters

Director: Dominique van Olm @deviio
Creative Director: Natalie Mathers @notnothing
Producer: Kelsey Lynn Corradetti @kelseyltc
DP: Julia Hendrickson @juliajuliajuliajulia_
Location Sound: Darren Snowden @darrensnowdensound
Make Up Artist: Kelly Davidson
Stylist: Lauren Walker @Lauren_lwl
Editing House: Saints Editorial @saintseditorial
Editor: Julie Simmons @eilujsimmons
Post Colour / Online House: Darling VFX @darling_vfxColourist: Roslyn Di Sisto @havin_fan
VFX: Lauren Rempel @laurmcr
Post Audio House: Grayson Matthews @graysonmatthewscollective
Composer / Sound design: Annelise Noronha @annelise_noronha
Animation: Emily Switzer @hardgrindhard


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