Cabin Fever

With the challenge of lockdown POP PR created the fashion film Cabin Fever, an insight into their clients' new collections, a new take on press day.

Cellotape is very proud to showcase the fashion forward, fashion film Cabin Fever an insight into the new collections of POP PR.

Amongst many other things lockdown’s caused,  it’s been very challenging to create and provide content. POP PR delivers a unique and avant-garde way to showcase their wares; a colourful spectacle and fantasy to take you out of the locked up blues and catapult you into another dimension; the dimension of the great British boozer.

“This past Autumn when we would usually host our seasonal press day, we were faced with the challenge of lockdown. With this, we decided to produce a new take on press day; a fashion film – ‘Cabin Fever’. In a bid for our eccentric clients collections not to be locked away, but to be celebrated & embraced in a creatively charged project. 

The location – of course the British Pub, which has been the topic on everyone’s lips for 2020 – “Will they open? Will they close? When’s last orders?”. We wanted to make this community hub the centre of our film, to honour & reminisce the good times. 

Bringing fashion to the mundane and highlighting the crazy in cabin fever – raise your pints to some jolly good fun, your forks to some beans on toast & your eyes on POP’s wardrobe of relentless independent designers who keep serving fashion realness.”

Creative Direction & Production: POP PR @pop_pr_
Stylist: Graham Cruz @grahamcruzstyling 
Styling Assistants: Adam Martin @adammartingstyling , Alana Newton @acnstyling_
Hair: Brady Lea @thebradylea
Make-up: Julie Cooper @juliecooper_makeup
Photographer: Annemarie Sterian @annemariesterian 
Videographer: Joseph Wilson @josephwilsonfilms
Lighting: Konj Wako
Models: Harvey Lough @harleylough , Alina Allison @Alinxallison , Alek Maleek @alek_maleek 
Assistants: India Ruston-Dray @indiacruella , Zoe Glanville @zoe_glanville


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