Capri Sun

Entertainer Lizzy Capri goes a far stretch from her social media persona to talk to us, styled in 1970's glam in Malibu and photographed by John Blaine.

Hollywood Tanning.
Gown, Diana Couture. Earrings, USB Gold. Ring, Maison Louella.

When photographer John Blaine proposed shooting Lizzy Capri in a fashion light, she jumped on it. It’s a far stretch from her wacky fun persona on her social media platforms, although Lizzy is always willing to explore things that are new to her without hesitation. 

The idea of a 1970’s style for Lizzy’s feature on Cellotape emerged when John Blaine started to gather a team of creatives for it. John felt there was a vintage Cher look to her and sent Katelynn the stylist and Bethany the makeup artist some 1970’s Cher looks, so the team referenced looks from that decade and did their magic. 

California winter.
Bodysuit, ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo. Necklace and bracelet, Flutter Statement Jewelry. 
Rock Climbing.
Top and pants, Kaftan Studio. Earrings and rings, Veronica Tharmalingam.

We caught up with Lizzy ahead of the shoot for a quick interview: 

Tell us about how this year has been for you as a business mogul and creative. 

 This year has been a challenge but it was a good way for me to stay creative with the constraints of the pandemic. It was also amazing that I was able to collaborate with other creatives in a safe way to create quality content. One of my favorite video series that I worked on was creating my original series of TEAM RAR High School. It was fun to think back on my high school years and bring back elements of what it was like to be a student and the type of people and drama I experienced. It was a fun challenge to direct these videos and create dramaticized personas that others could relate to in a way! I also expanded and did a series where my best friend Deniesse and I tried different professions as well. This was a fun way to explore what life could be like if we weren’t YouTubers and worked in a different field. 

You’ve come such a long way since your fans were first introduced to you, why do you think you’ve been able to grow such a strong, mass of supporters? 

 First of all, I want to give a shout out to my fans because they’re the best! In the past few years I’ve been doing this, I’ve really come to understand what they are interested in and have grown up with them throughout my years on YouTube. It’s surreal that I’m about to hit 6 million subscribers! I really want to thank my fans for continuing to support me.  

Some would be surprised at your giant number of followers with your channel being so young, how do you deal with this amount of attention? 

 I try to deal with the attention by staying grounded and humble. I continually strive to better myself and really think about what matters most. I love creating content and I’m so blessed to have such a strong support network from my close friends and family. 

Tell us about your experience recording your first single Time? 

 Making my first single Time was such an amazing experience. I worked with Lyre, who helped me produce the whole song. They’re two talented songwriters and producers that gave me amazing insight on how songs are made! I came in with a vision of what kind of song I wanted to make and they helped turn it into a reality.  

What are your creative goals for the future? Can we get any sneak peaks of upcoming work?

I have so many ideas in my head that I’m working to make a reality. One new exciting work that is coming out soon is a rebrand of TEAM RAR merch!! I worked hard with our product team to develop a line that is high quality and emulates street wear. Also I had an amazing time working on my single Time, that I’m thinking of creating more music and coming out with a full album. Stay tuned…

Gown, Now PR LA. Earrings, Veronica Tharmalingam.
Gown, Now PR LA. Earrings, Veronica Tharmalingam.
Gown, Now PR LA. Earrings, Veronica Tharmalingam.
Dreaming Is Free.
Gown, Mitch Viray. Earrings, Veronica Tharmalingam. 
California winter.
Bodysuit, ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo. Necklace and bracelet, Flutter Statement Jewelry. 
Beauty and The Beach.
Cape, Kaftan Studio, Earrings, Maison Louella.


Featuring: @lizzycapri
Photographer, producer:  @blainecompany/@johnblaineofficial
Stylist: @katelynn_tilley 
Makeup: @bethanykarlyn for @prttypeaushun
Hair: @johnbnguyen Using @bedheadtigi
All artist Represented at @jblainecomp
Interviewer: Verity Rose @veerosse

Make up:
Mac Cosmetics @macpro
Tom ford Foundation @tomford
Soleil Glow Bronzer
Badass Eye Quad
Adora lipstick
Deep Dark Skin Tightening Lotion @prttypeaushun



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