Gung Ho x The Worldwide Tribe

London-based Gung Ho collaborates with The Worldwide Tribe to release a collection highlighting the issues surrounding displacement and the need for social change.

The collaboration is not only present through the stories within the print design of the garments, but is modelled by founder of The Worldwide Tribe Jaz O’Hara, her mother Oeda O’Hara and her two foster refugee brothers Mez and Bego. 

This shoot brings together their journey and is shot at their home, where it all started in Kent, as well as the seafront in Hastings, along the stretch of coastline where many end up when crossing over from France.
10% of the profits from this collection will go back to The Worldwide Tribe.

The campaign tackles three very important issues within displacement:1) The fact 1/10 people will be displaced by 2050. This print showcases 10 individuals that have lived experience of displacement and are friends of The Worldwide Tribe podcast. Every 10th portrait is highlighted so you can visually see the impact and how many people will be affected.2) What is happening in the world right now – this mesmerising flag print represents the countries people are fleeing from and why. Look closer to see one of the main reasons for displacement written next to the country’s name on the side of the flag.3) The individual stories, highlighting the people behind the statistics with lived experience of displacement. Each individual chose two objects; something that represents their previous home (object A), and something that representstheir life now (object B).

The collection is available to preorder, and goes live in August. 


@Gung_Ho_London x @TheWorldwideTribe Collection
Photography: @OlivierYoan | HMU @Khandiz | Stylist @InkStyling 



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