Maiden, Mistress and the Mother

Fabrics with their own narrative, embedded with imagination and personal stories.

A capsule collection inspired by The Handmaid’s Tale. The collection incorporates original fabric designs and industrial manipulation techniques to create a textural story about the archaic female archetypes of the MaidenMistress and the Mother. 

The dialogue between film and fashion starts with the choice of fabrics… they can take you on a journey, evoking emotion and sensation through narratives of colour, texture and pattern.

Australian designer/textile artist Kitty Taube creates fabrics with their own narrative, embedded with imagination and personal stories. Poignancy, dreamscapes and conceptual rigour exist behind all of her work. Kitty is currently based in Milan, Italy where she received an MFA in Fashion and Textile Design from the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA).Before arriving in Italy, Kitty worked in the Film and Television industry with some of Australia’s most celebrated Directors, Production and Costume Designers on high-end cinematic productions.

Videography: Elia Acunto @E.l.i.a_ Fashion Designer: Kitty Taube @k.itty_taube Art Director: Michael Dye @Michaelpeterdye Art Director Assistant: Miriam Perego @Mirystonem Fashion Designer Assistant: Maria Rudenko @2_wb_ Model: Luisa Bianchin @Luisabianchin @monster_mgmt Photographer: Frances Melhop @Frances_melhopPhotographer Assistant: Gaia Capone @gaiacapone.whitebalanceHair Stylist: Maco Yoshino @Numeronove Make-up Artist: Egle Roccazzella @Egleserena Location: Rotonda Della Besana, Milan @rotondadellabesana


Outside Moschino, Playing Games

Thora Valdimars outside the Moschino show, in Milan

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