Shine On Me

Print Technology impresario Bruno Basso invites us into the shape shifting realm of shade and light with another masterful tour de force in A.I. Fashion Magic as our interview series with the Brazilian designer continues.

By Joanne Higgins

The use of A.I. is controversial, can we still consider A.I. creations ‘art’?

I don’t see it controversial at all, but as another tool at our disposal, AI has the enormous potential to enhance human capabilities and open up new possibilities for progress and innovation, rather than replacing them. 

Everything is being revolutionized by intelligent systems, from the most important critical tasks to countless minor details of our daily lives. Machines can collaborate with humans on projects at eye level, acting as partners in a jam session where one responds to the other. The human needs the algorithm, and the algorithm requires the human. This new relationship entails data collection, code development, curation, inspiration, and most significantly, guiding an algorithm based on the individual’s unique vision. The process is fluid and the outcome is collaborative. However, AI lacks in aim and desire, it is absent of meaning and namely the ‘dreaming’ in between. It is the human intention, the process, and the context that define art. 

What impact will the use of A.I. have on the fashion world, from your perspective?

AI is already having a major impact on the fashion and design industries, and this trend is expected to continue. AI is used to generate new designs and styles, personalize clothing recommendations based on customer preferences and past purchases, optimize supply chains, enhance customer engagement through AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants, and promote sustainability through data analysis. The potential for AI to transform the fashion industry is immense, making it more efficient, sustainable, and customer-focused.


Huge thanks to Bruno Basso @brbasso


The devil is in the details

Credits: Massive thanks to Bruno Basso @brbasso

Red Alert

From soft and romantic to a punky cat eye and from a glossy fluro lid to an edgy block. Paint the town red with this wonderful vibrant pigment! by Rozelle Parry