By Joanne Higgins

In nature, animals have stripes as a form of camouflage, either to hide from predators, like zebras, or in the case of big cats, the vertical stripes help break up the shape and size of the animal’s body in order to blend in with trees and tall grasses. However, blending in is the last thing on multi-talented designer Bruno Basso’s mind as he takes A.I. Fashion on a fascinating ride of disruptive colouration. Our interview series continues below.

What impact will the use of A.I. have on the fashion world, from your perspective?

AI is already having a major impact on the fashion and design industries, and this trend is expected to continue. AI is used to generate new designs and styles, personalize clothing recommendations based on customer preferences and past purchases, optimize supply chains, enhance customer engagement through AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants, and promote sustainability through data analysis. The potential for AI to transform the fashion industry is immense, making it more efficient, sustainable, and customer-focused.

What kind of response do you hope to elicit in your audience?

Embrace the future!

This accessible technology will enhance human capabilities, not replace them. With its potential to improve efficiency, personalization, adaptability, predictive maintenance, sustainability, and management, AI is a rapidly expanding area of investment. Currently worth billions of dollars, the AI market is experiencing tremendous growth.

Throughout history, new technologies have often been met with skepticism. The printing press, steam engine, personal computer, and digital camera were all initially seen as threats to traditional industries and ways of life. However, these technologies ultimately proved to be transformative and created new opportunities for innovation and progress.

Similarly, AI is not a passing trend, but a powerful tool that can enhance human capabilities and create new opportunities for creatives. Accessible to anyone with a computer and a desire to learn, AI is a democratic tool that has the potential to provide new forms of expression and numerous opportunities for young designers and small firms. In the short term, AI may enable designers to explore design approaches and techniques that were previously unfeasible or impractical.


Images courtesy of the wonderful Bruno Basso @brbasso


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