The Mysterious Genius of Inês Costa

An unknown runaway photographer leaving a trail of romantic beauty in her wake . . . gives rise to musings on the new wave of women who design for men.

By Joanne Higgins

A study of the youthful male face and form.

The pre-shaven boy as the muse of artists can be tracked from classical antiquity to the present day. While men have been inspired by and designed for women for eons, a 2008 New York Times article heralded a new generation of female designers who were, “turning the classic muse relationship on it’s head.”

Female designers, like London’s Siv Stoldal, began dedicating their brands exclusively to menswear.

From the female imagination a different aspect of masculinity is drawn out, one freer of social expectations.

Exciting young female designers like Marine Serre, upcycles to create a modern aesthetic, while Hoor Al Qasimi has made the Qasimi brand her own adding touches of soft elegance in the form of cropped blousons.

Korean-American designer Yoon Ahn, known for creating 1980’s inspired unisex-collections, has also held the position of jewelry director for Dior Men.

All the drama and sensuality of the enigmatic boy muse.

“You asked me what you mean to me, my darling you are my poetry” – Nikita Gill


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