Regardless of Politics or a Virus, Sean The Star Emperor will take you to ‘Paradise.’

Sean The Star Emperor’s latest song, ‘Paradise,’ out on 14/05/21.  Recently, Sean The Star Emperor was featured in Paper Magazine, Billboard, and Earmilk to name a few. ‘Paradise’ is a super fun song and the world needs to see BIPOC/LGBT individuals having fun, and not just being enraged (although we have good reason to be so).

‘Paradise,’ was co-written by Sony/ATV songwriting duo YVR, who’s lead singer was a part of the Grammy nominated song, ‘Running With The Wolves,’ for Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media, just this year… 

Still from ‘Paradise’ by Sean The Star Emperor

“Any way you like, wake up to Paradise…”

The Pre/Post Corona life has really dampened where and how we physically interact. Never-you-mind, as ‘Paradise’ suggests:  “Playtime” can still be had with little to no expense needed. …Fun is what we make of the conditions: “Any way you like, wake up to Paradise…”



Directed by: Alexander Tang
Director of Photography: Jordan McLeod
Produced by: Melanie Guillen, Gunnar Heinrich 
Editor & Colorist: Alexander Tang
Graphics by: Ben Tang, Hikari Suzuki
Makeup by: Jason Rivas

In this video:
Sean The Star Emperor
Melanie Guillen
Courtney Jenae, Stephen Stahl (YVR)
Julia Nell 

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