Festive gifting ideas from haute couturier, artist and self confessed glam-mama of Christmas Debbie Wingham

2020 has been a hard year for us all and it might be hard to get into the spirt of Christmas this year. On that basis the first gift that springs to mind is a donation to a charity.

If you’re looking for a gift for the person that’s got everything then a charity donation is a winner,  A children’s charity is always a firm favourite or perhaps mental health support because this year as been very challenging for so many which as impacted mental health drastically.

Great Ormond street hospital which is a specialist hospital for children who fly in from around the world for the best care 


Minds motto for better mental health speaks volumes, most countries have a similar organisation


If moneys abit tight then why not create something handmade, not only is it festive fun but handmade gifts show how much you care for a person as they are alot more time intensive then just clicking add to basket. My all time favs are Nigella Lawsons christmas pudding bon bons, they taste amazing, super easy to make and they kook super impressive


For all the people passionate about eco friendly fashion Luxe, I can highly suggest NYC based designer Zero waste Daniel. He as had global media for his master pieces made from tiny remnant fabrics


For unique fragrance profiles with beautiful packaging for him and her I can highly suggest: Clive Christian 


If your looking for an investment piece, I can suggest anything by the artist  Banksy signed or unsigned. This year Banksy pieces have  increased massively, with record numbers out performing gold and property. The usual financial institutions are not stable this year but art is thriving. 

Maddox gallery always have a steady flow of Banksy’s


by Debbie Wingham



Glitter should be playful ,not perfect!

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