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How do you adapt your hairstyling techniques for location shoots compared to studio? Surrender control, I work with the elements. What's the most outrageous hairstyle you've...

Vested Interest

Credits: Photographer: Mackenzie Duncan @themackenzielife inthecompanyofartists.comModels: Quentin Milner @qmlinz @alaeriagencyCalum Hall w/ Liz Bell @calumhalll @lizbellagencyStyling: Jackie @jaqclean @alaeriagencyHMU: Anya Ellis @anya.ellis @lizbellagency.comHair products:...

Wrapped in Beauty

A letter from our Beauty Director, Vicky Steckel: Makeup is not just a tool for enhancing physical appearance. It is a powerful form of self-expression,...

Radiant Revelations

CELLOTAPE: What “sticks” to you the most in your collections?EISHIA BRIGHTWELL: Creating pieces that stand out and spark a conversation within my community, which...

Room 908

Credits: Photographer: Riccardo Albanese @riccardoalbaneseArt direction and styling by Giuseppe Palazzetti @giuseppepalazzetti, Viviana Verzino @vivianaverzino, and Maria Garcìa Miguez @merigaaarMUA: Mary Isabel Tutino @mt_makeupHairstylist: Mattia...

The devil is in the details

Credits: Massive thanks to Bruno Basso @brbasso

Painterly Glow

Credits: Artist Vicky Steckel @vicky_steckelModel Kaylee Andersson @kkboomandersonMakeup courtesy of @mehronmakeup

Mother Earth 

Credits: Photo: Patrick Viebranz @StöverArtists @patrickviebranzHair & Mup: Richard Wilkinson @richardpaintStyling: Rebecca Lilford @bexlilfordModel 1: Jess Henry 2: Petra Raubenheimer