Splash into Summer with a colourful boldness.

Splash into Summer with a colourful boldness.
Yellow Ruffled Suit: Clube Bossa, collar: Dean Davidson.

Bold prints and colours with statement gold jewellery helping you to dream about how to look poolside this summer.

collar: Dean Davidson
Green ruffled suit: Andrea Iyamah, Bangles: Dean Davidson.
Printed one piece: Andrea Iyamah,  jewellery:  Dean Davidson.
Printed Suit: Andrea Iyamah, jewellery: Dean Davidson.
Fuchsia Ruffled: one piece Zara, Jewelry: Dean Davidson.


Photography Natasha Gerschon
Makeup Brodine Rochelle @judyinc
Hair Frank Cini
Fashion Director/Stylist Michelle Paiano

Anastasia Andrews (with
Kathleen Flanagan (with


360 degree of Roberto De Rosa

Italian fashion influencer De Rosa talks about how he went from being the next door guy in Naples to becoming famous in the international scene without any strategy.

Illegal Aliens

Sculpture of a different kind: Aldo Lanzini’s hand sewn sculpture work has questioned the idea of otherness for over 30 years as a tribute to clandestinity.