Splash into Summer with a colourful boldness.

Splash into Summer with a colourful boldness.
Yellow Ruffled Suit: Clube Bossa, collar: Dean Davidson.

Bold prints and colours with statement gold jewellery helping you to dream about how to look poolside this summer.

collar: Dean Davidson
Green ruffled suit: Andrea Iyamah, Bangles: Dean Davidson.
Printed one piece: Andrea Iyamah,  jewellery:  Dean Davidson.
Printed Suit: Andrea Iyamah, jewellery: Dean Davidson.
Fuchsia Ruffled: one piece Zara, Jewelry: Dean Davidson.


Photography Natasha Gerschon
Makeup Brodine Rochelle @judyinc
Hair Frank Cini
Fashion Director/Stylist Michelle Paiano

Anastasia Andrews (with
Kathleen Flanagan (with


Rob MCHaffie

A slice of eccentric and poignant everyday realism provides interesting social commentary on the canvas.

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