Be part of Cellotape! We're open to contributions. Check out our SUBMIT WORK Link at the bottom of the site. B HEARD B SEEN B LOVE!

Photographers, Stylists, Writers, Artists, Designers and creative makers in general. We are excited to present this Open Call for contributions to be published on our platform.

If you have been producing amazing work, in any format, that addresses contemporary topics related one of Cellotape’s categories of Fashion, Arts, Beauty or Lifestyle, or all, we would love to give you a voice here! We invite you to submit your work to be considered for publication over the next few months.

The application form is simple, as we initially just want to hear about you, the project you’d like to submit, and see a few images. We will be contacting successful contributors personally to discuss the nexts step in more details and to request the submission of the work in the right format to be published.

Get wrapped in Cellotape!

Please see our submission form here:

We look forward to hearing from you!!!

Cellotape Team xx