Painterly Glow

Makeup artist Vicky Steckel pushes the boundaries of her artistic practice by exploring painting beyond the confines of the model’s face. She uses the human form as her canvas, covering it in fluid paint that constantly evolves, from the flowing hair to the delicate toes. Every stage of the transformation is meticulously documented through photography, capturing the essence of the ever-changing artwork. Vicky finds inspiration in collaboration, taking the time to delve into the subject’s background and allowing their unique story to guide her creative process.


Artist Vicky Steckel @vicky_steckel
Model Kaylee Andersson @kkboomanderson
Makeup courtesy of @mehronmakeup


Ghostly Pearl

As we leave behind the ghost of 2020, we look ahead to the light….it may take time ….but it will come.

Glitterage: In front of darkness there is always light

Glitter has such a magical quality. It makes me happy, watching it dance to the light, reflecting, taking on a kaleidoscope of new colours . It feels alive. By Rozelle Parry