Radiant Revelations

Eishia Brightwell, the super talented designer behind the handcrafted jewelry pieces from EBJ Gallery, recently chatted with Cellotape Magazine; photography by Jason Riker.

CELLOTAPE: What “sticks” to you the most in your collections?
EISHIA BRIGHTWELL: Creating pieces that stand out and spark a conversation within my community, which is mainly made up of women.

CELLOTAPE: What inspires you to create your jewelry pieces?
EISHIA BRIGHTWELL: My creations were primarily inspired by my travels around the world. My favorite pieces were designed early on; I could be sitting on a plane or on set and still fabricate ideas for new jewelry pieces.

CELLOTAPE: What is your most unique or special project?
EISHIA BRIGHTWELL: My most unique experience has to be creating MCM earrings and roller skates for the iconic Beyoncé to wear in her Ape Shit video. It was surreal.

CELLOTAPE: What are your future plans, developments, and ideas?
EISHIA BRIGHTWELL: I’m expanding the EBJ brand globally and opening markets in Africa and Europe. I aim to launch a free-standing EBJ Gallery boutique specializing in custom jewelry and sneakers. I am constantly developing new pieces, therefore keeping my creative juices flowing!!


Photographer: Jason Riker @jasonrikerphoto 
Beauty Director: Vicky Steckel @vicky_steckel using Mehron Makeup @mehronmakeup
Model: Eisha Brightwell @musemodelsnyc
Designer: EBJ Gallery @EBJ_Gallery
Interview by Olya Titova @olyatirovaproductions
Junior Editor Intern: Elena Perrelli


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