‘Guiding Light’ by GARY JAMES MCQUEEN

Gary James McQueen collaborates with Graysey on his 1st digital fashion show.

On Sunday 25th April 2021, Gary James McQueen, ex-Head of MW Textiles at the House of McQueen, released his first digital fashion show ‘Guiding Light’ to the future of fashion. This 8 minute film is entirely digital, sustainable and features 20 menswear and womenswear looks.  Each runway design is available to view in Gary James McQueen’s virtual immersive showroom, produced by Moyosa Media, and downloadable in Augmented Reality as a 360° preview, before garments have been physically created. 

The ‘Guiding Light’ event is In Aid of Mind, the leading mental health charity in England & Wales and being sponsored by Sky Arts and an Epic Games MegaGrant. This epic digital display by the visionary artist and designer showcases Gary James McQueen’s first stand alone collection in Unreal Engine, demonstrating his remarkable technical expertise along with his futuristic approach to fashion, digital innovation whilst promoting the benefits of creativity on our mental health.

Graysey: a British premium denim brand for women, are proud to be collaborating with Gary James McQueen, nephew of the late Alexander McQueen, on his upcoming 1st digital, sustainable fashion show. A ‘Guiding Light’ to the future of fashion In Aid of Mind and sponsored by Sky Arts and Epic Games Mega Grant. 

The runway collection is available to view post show in Gary James McQueen’s virtual immersive showroom and downloadable in augmented reality 360 preview. For the first time ever, digital garments will be available for purchase through DressX where the garments will be uploaded onto photos of the wearer.

The show features Graysey’s Jeaks™ -a new category of jeans that have innovative technical panels featuring prints while giving the comfort of loungewear. Our collaborated limited edition collection: Gary James McQueen X Graysey Jeaks™ will be available in two designs

We’re excited to show it on Cellotape, with the courtesy of Gary James Mc Queen. 


Gary James McQueen, Mind Charity, Sky Arts, Epic Games Moyosa Media, DressX http://www.garyjamesmcqueen.com/


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