Creative Director Sveta Sotnikova in conversation.

Who or what inspires your work?

Mess. Is probably a harsh word? Perhaps. But my collections draw inspiration from the kaleidoscopic universe in which I live. This retina-searing and unnecessarily bedazzled world is a kind of dizziness capable of filling my soul with creative fire. 

Whose style did you admire growing up?

I came to my identity as a designer the same way I came to my identity as a person: gradually. I never tried to be a rebel or disruptive. When you’re young, you don’t care about the system; you want to create your own system. Anyway, there’s nothing that, for me, was a greater influence than rock’n’roll music. 

Femininity and movement are two key words for you, can you explain how these concepts play into your work?

For me it’s very important to use clothes to talk about subjects such as empowerment and self-expression for women. Across the creative process, I can reveal my profound love and respect for their fragile condition but also face with courage, pride and resolution the patriarchal society. 

Can you describe your creative process?

Consulting the brief. Finding inspiration. Sketching ideas. Honing in on the design. Choosing fabrics. Picking colours. Considering silhouettes. Sampling and prototyping. Assembling items. Testing items. 

What fashion tips do you have for women?

Taking care of our planet should be the polar star in our present and future fashion decisions. 

If you had to encapsulate your style essence in one item of clothing what would it be?

The Stanford dress perfectly defines SVETA MILANO essence. It sums up the dualism intrinsic in every creation: chic and rock’n’roll.  


Massive thanks to Sveta Sotnikova Creative Director & Model @svetasotnikova @svetamilano_official

Gloves @paularowangloves

Hats @mlmhats

Model Dog  @eddy.theprincess

All looks by sveta milano @svetamilano_officiel 

Photographer Gosha Pavlenko @goshapavlenko

Hair & Make-up Anastasia Kataurova @anastasiakataurova

Video Maria Sole Lorenzi @gingershavesoul

Fashion styling and art direction michael dye @michaelpeterdye for @cellotapemag 

All other accessories stylist’s own.


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