Vile Films follow visual activist Dr.D aka Subvertiser on a variety of subversive missions around London from billboards to street signs.

Dr. D a.k.a Subvertiser has been “doctoring” adverts to reveal a more honest truth beneath the messages we are bombarded with. Whilst tackling the Murdoch’s of the world is high on the Subvertising agenda he doesn’t mind poking fun at the public either.

Dr.D’s rebellious streak and love for the illegal side of life started with the London warehouse party scene in the late 80’s going on to organise his own illegal parties in the early nineties.Featuring exclusive 8mm Video Footage of the 1992 Over the moon event (under the A40 bridge) in London.

Working over the years as a professional bill sticker and going undercover in hi-vis and Subvertising the streets, Dr.D has developed his own brand of sarcasm for his and possibly our amusement.


Directed and Edited by Jake Narang
Featuring Dr.d & ChuProduced by Maria Shrigley and Jake Narang



The Dior Nip And Tuck

Luxury Reborn #1, A Dior Tracksuit reimagined by Debbie Wingham

Off the grid

Immersive Nature: As we move into a new age of reason, its important we understand nature and move with her and the feminine energy she holds in order to harvest what we need to sustain and nourish our bodies whilst loving the planet and caring for each other and our beautiful Earth.