Change is in the air

Shot in Milan’s beautiful Sempione Park this wonderful collaboration with Locanda alla Mano is an innovative shoot that showcases our shared love of fashion, highlighting that beauty and style are as varied and diverse as people on the planet.

By Joanne Higgins

Locanda is a Milanese based project that aims to support young people enter the world of work. In the summer of 2013 the social cooperative Contè onlus united with Repower, Studio Rota, AGPD, EXPO, Cariplo Foundation and the Municipality of Milan to offer young people with special needs the opportunity to gain an authentic experience of work and to be valued as fully participatory and equal members of society.


Locanda è un progetto milanese che mira a sostenere i giovani nell’inserimento nel mondo del lavoro. Nell’estate del 2013 la cooperativa sociale Contè onlus si è unita a Repower, Studio Rota, AGPD, EXPO, Fondazione Cariplo e Comune di Milano per offrire ai giovani con bisogni speciali l’opportunità di fare un’autentica esperienza di lavoro e di essere valorizzati a pieno membri partecipativi e paritari della società.


"Empowering young people and embracing inclusive workspaces."

Left, Francesca wears a windbreaker by K-Way, – puffer vest from Gaëlle Paris –  leggings by Bodyboo with boots from Adidas. Filippo wears a puffer jacket by K-Way with hood in eco fur OOFWear and tracksuit pants by Tezenis, boots from stringata Vic Matié. Right, Eli wears a long puffer waistcoat by Tiziano Guardini, leggings from Bodyboo and trainers by Adidas. 

Left, Medea wears a jumpsuit by Adidas with laced boots from Vic Matié – Ria wears a sweatshirt dress from Gaëlle Paris and boots by Primiata –  Caterina wears a puffer jacket by add with trousers by Martino MidaliRight, Filippo wears a short puffer jacket by K-Way. 

Ria wears an Adidas baseball cap by Stella McCartney, puffer waistcoat Canada Goose with Adidas tights by Stella Mc Cartney and High leg boots from Vic Matié. Arturo wears a puffer waistcoat from Bacon. His sweatshirt and track suit pants are both Hinnominate, boots are Adidas. 

Left, Filippo wears a hat from Bacon – puffer jacket Adidas. Right, Medea wears a hat from Attic and Barn – top by Kaos –  long puffer waistcoat OOF Wear with leggings by Hinominate and Wellingtons from Gaëlle Paris. 

"Fashion is for everyone."

Left, Ria wears a puffer waistcoat from Bomboogie – top by Kaos – trousers with buttons from Adidas and high leg boots from Vic Matié. Right, Ria wears a puffer waistcoat and long gloves from Bacon. Francesca wears a puffer jacket by Tiziano Guardini. 


Photographer Luca Maresca @lucamarescaph
Fashion director Pia Johanssen @pia_joha
Art Direction Michael Dye @michaelpeterdye
Hair & Make-up Linda Ferrari @lindaferrarimakeupartist

Model Ria Khachatraian @suomars
Model Elisa, 24, likes dancing/ballare @ancheelisainvernizzi
Model Caterina, 27, likes music & clothes/musica e vestiti, Facebook – Caterina Berto
Model Francesca, 37, likes many things, @fra.lodosuperstar
Model Medea, likes Monster Badd, @meedea.pi
Model Andrea, 21, likes music & motor-cross sport/musica e moto cross, @andrea.a.21
Model Filippo @monster @sus_piso
Model Gregorio, 27, he likes sunglasses a lot/gli piacciono molto gli occhiali da sole, @greg16913
Model Martina, 34, likes dancing, cooking & judo/ballare, cucinare e judo, @tomba.martina
Model Eddy, the Jack Russell. With special thanks to @locanda_alla_mano

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