Luxe Du Jour

Luxe Du Jour is on a mission to make designer luxury more affordable, accessible and sustainable. Offering classic brands in a colour palette ranging from classic black to soft lemonade hues these bags make the perfect arm candy.

Who is behind the brand and what is there background?

Tammy Phan is the founder and CEO of Luxe Du Jour and despite growing up poor to immigrant parents and being a high school dropout Phan was able to prove that even if life doesn’t pan out the way you wanted it to you can still pave your own path to success given all the odds against her. Phan is a self proclaimed bag addict and this is what drives the success of Luxe Du Jour because of her passion for designer luxury and the brands mission.

Why was this brand created?

The Luxe Du Jour brand was created to make designer luxury more affordable, accessible and sustainable. Phan knew what it was like to never be around luxury but wishing that she could and that first feeling she had when being able to own her very first Louis Vuitton she believes everyone deserves a little bit of luxury and to experience the same feeling she once had and still has for authentic designer luxury.

Do you see Luxe du jour moving into Europe?

Luxe Du Jour already has clients in Europe and partnerships in Europe and there is without a doubt that Luxe Du Jour will be in Europe one day and bring the new way of shopping, selling, renting and restoring to hone land of designer luxury fashion!

Whats the average price of a rental and for how long ?

The average rental price of an item is $200 for 15 days but renters can rent for 3 days or 30 days! The great thing is that renters can even rent to own so if they love it and its also available for purchase they can own it after and 50% of their rental fee goes towards their purchase. If they don’t love it return it hassle free and repeat!

How do you think you can make this platform even more sustainable in the future ?

Being a part of sustainable and circular fashion is a huge part of the company’s longevity. We believe the impact we are making and the carbon footprint we are reducing is something we hope our consumers see and want to be a part of Luxe Du Jour’s mission.

Where do you see Luxe du jour in ten years ?

We see Luxe Du Jour being a global disrupter in the designer luxury industry. Everyone and anyone who owns a designer handbag will use and love our services and platform because Luxe Du Jour is constantly focussed on how to improve the user experience for their average “bag addict” and the best way to do this is because the CEO is a “bag addict” herself so she knows what the bag addicts are thinking before they even think it! Luxe Du Jour’s CEO is heavily involved and connected with their clients and the clients can really see her passion for the company and the mission shine through.


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