In Deep

As the waves roll over the mermaid, as the swell of the ocean enfolds her, she sings the sirens song. If these images by Vicky inspire romantic visions of waves and beauty, it is only to be expected since this was exactly what she had in mind.Out love affair with beauty and water is mythical and legendary from the Lady of the Lake through Ophelia and even into Hollywood from “Pandora and the Flying Dutchman”, 1951 to “Splash”, 1984. Water, both its beauty and power, is a strong visual and aural evoker of imagery. Think of “La Mer” of Debussy or Sea Interludes “Peter Grimes” by Benjamin Britten.The beauty here is of hair and face melding into one, the feeling of movement and the rolling of the waves, the rhythm of the water and the constantly shifting shades of water itself. Deep to palely translucent, softly reflecting the azure of the tranquil sky or threatening storms in dense grey blues. When Deborah Kerr and Burt Lancaster kissed in “From Here to Eternity” 1954 we learnt the sexual power of waves and water. These images of a strong individual embracing the water, and indeed revelling in it, remind us that being swept can be wonderful. Note: We are not referring to the movie “Swept Away” 2002. 

Words by Tony Glenville


Creative Beauty Director: Vicky Steckel @vicky_steckel using @elfcosmetics

Model: Vanessa Greca @wihelminamodels

Photo: Tiago Molinos @tiagomolinos

Video: Jupiter Jones @jupiternyc 

Hair by Moiz Alladina @moizalladina at The Wallgroup, @thewallgroup using R+Co @randco and Leonor Greyl @leonorgreyl

Retoucher: Paulo Amaral @pauloamaral.retouch

Production: Fathead Productions

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