Lost Horizon

Emerging from their planet, emerging from their aura, and now entering our world, Vicky and her team offer the observer alien beauty. Like Planet Mugler, or the story Dune, or indeed the notion of awakening from some eerie transportation, these creatures are watching us. It is neither threatening or passive, its observatory. What are they thinking secure in their alien beauty? We may never know, but we can marvel at their skin, their translucence, and their awakening, for they seem in these images suspended in time and in their own grace. It seems possible that at any second they may move and disappear. 

Words by Tony Glenville


Creative Beauty Director/ MUA: Vicky Steckel @vicky_steckel using @elfcosmetics

CD Assistant: Devin David @devindavidworld

Photographer/ Director: Stephan Alessi @stephanalessi

DP: Scott Keenan @scottkeenan

Talent: Dujonette ‘DJ’ Smith @xoxodjsmith

Talent: Sophia Ahrens @sophiaahrens

Hair: Peter Matteliano @petermatt

Manicurist: Kuniko Inoue @kunixx12 using @essie

AC: Zach Rockenstyre @zrock1

Gaffer: Calvin Laszakovitz @calvinlaszakovits

Key Grip: Bill Hilferty @bill_hilferty

Prop Stylist: Becky Aksamit @becky.did.that

Editor: Alison Grasso @alisongrasso

Studio: Veronica Arvelo @veronicabkny

Production: Fathead Productions @fathead.productions

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