Vicky Steckel

Creative Beauty Director


Vicky Steckel’s work is characterized by six key elements: Background, Objective, Scope, Constraint, Art, and Revolution. Renowned for her groundbreaking project, The BOSCAR Project, Steckel creates captivating photographic series that depict individuals emerging from and intertwining with abstract scenes composed of found objects, paint, and discarded materials. Immersed in a vibrant palette and a captivating array of curiosities, her subjects become active participants in an interactive symphony of upheaval, engaging with the expansive world of Steckel’s artistic vision.

Steckel’s work has garnered significant recognition, with features in prestigious publications such as The Fall Magazine and Marie Claire. Through her art, she contributes to the ongoing dialogue surrounding performance art and visual transformation. Balancing the realms of organic chaos and delicate allure, Steckel’s creations evoke a profound sense of both losing oneself and finding oneself within the interplay of abandon and constraint.

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For example, Vicky is working with multiple clients across the fashion and beauty realm developing creative projects, et cetera et cetera

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