Interview with artist Mitchell Cooper

Step into the dynamic realm of Mitchell Cooper, a young and innovative New York-based artist. His breathtaking nude sculptures, born from molds of top models, have graced galleries and museum worldwide. Cooper is offering a captivating fusion of art and beauty that defines conventional boundaries – his unique vision through each creation, tells a story of passion and artistic brilliance.

Interviewed by Olya Titova, Dec 2023 in NYC.

Cellotape: The title of the magazine, Cellotape, revolves around adhesion. In your artistic creations, do you literally affix tape to model’s faces? 

Mitchell: Nope, I don’t use any tape, I use sewed-based folding material called alginate. We come up with a facial expression and pose beforehand. 

Cellotape: What is the best part of collaborating with Cellotape Magazine? 

Mitchell: This magic happens when a professional photographer captures my work in my studio. It blows my mind how beautiful they can make things appear, the transition from reality to a fantastic picture.

Cellotape: Did you always want to be an artist?

Mitchell: I became an artist when I moved to New York and quit my job in finance. When I had nothing on the walls in my apartment, I started making drawings and hanging them. It hasn’t been an easy road but pursuing my dreams has brought me a rich, joyful, and authentic life. 

"I like lasers."

Cellotape: What is the most unusual project you are working on?

Mitchell: I like lasers. Working on the piece called “Here Comes the Snow”. I use a single high-powered purple beam that spams up West Broadway from Canal Street to Houston Street. The beam will bounce from mirror to mirror on top of the building while it is snowing.

Cellotape: What are your future plans?

Mitchell: Wax candle sculptures. I am currently working on a large chandelier totally made out of wax with 3D projectors and lasers. 


Greg Sorensen – Photographer
Interviewee – Mitchell Cooper
Interviewer – Cellotape
Written by Tony Glenville

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