Narrative is essential in fashion, visuals require words as support, be it a simple caption or elaborate copy. The word “painted” as a painter wields his brush has often been applied to make up. In the images shown here Vicky Steckel celebrates her double inspirations; the relaunch and rebirth of Cellotape, alongside the properties of cellotape itself as a material. We might also note that revision is a term used as in “to look at or consider again an idea; or in writing, in order to correct or improve.” This story is about painting a picture for the observer, both to herald a new Cellotape, and a fresh interpretation of what the tape or bands of cellotape itself might inspire; put simply in words – it’s makeup artistry.

Words by Tony Glenville

Left, top: Rabôt – Right, scarf: Poemet – Earrings: By Chavelli – Sunglasses: Big Horn – top: Love, Bonfire The Label

Left, jacket: Rabôt – Right, top: Gert-Johan Coetzee 



Beauty Director: Vicky Steckel @vicky_steckel
Photographer: Eric Gabriel @ericgabrielxx
Talent: Maya Gabriela Velazquez @mayagabriellav
Agent: Fred @visionlosangeles
Hair: Rob Salty @robsalty
Written by: Tony Glenville @t.g.therealtonyglenville
Production: Fathead Productions @fatheadproductionllc
Clothing provided by: The Pop Group
Location: The Cactus Cathedral @thecactuscathedral


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